Welcome to exaTech, the home of innovative technologies for your Roblox™ group


The exaManage platform is available to use on many devices.

Innovative Ideas

We strive to bring the most innovative and useful ideas to market in the most intuitive ways.

Easy to Use

We are committed in making our products as simple to use as possible.


exaManage is exaTech's all in one solution for managing all things related to exaTech.  It is a central hub for all utilities that are operated by exaTech.


exaSchedule is the newest innovation from the exaTech team! It utilises the power of dynamic content to allow customers to schedule events for their group in real-time.

Our people

Mifaros - CEO

Mifaros is a developer here at exaTech, and strives to create the best experience for all of our customers.

Ionzertion - CAO

Ionzertion is also a developer at exaTech, who is committed to creating intuitive user experiences.

Cyluos - CCO

Cyluos manages all communication channels here at exaTech, and strives to always be there to answer your questions.

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